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A will can be defined as a legal declaration instructing how a person wants his or her estate distributed after death. If you die without a will, if the will cannot be located or if the will can be located but is invalid, you are deemed to have died “intestate”. There are a number of negative consequences to dying intestate. First of all, it results in higher costs for the estate, as the court must appoint an executor. Most importantly, however, your estate will not be distributed according to your wishes, but according to the Succession Law Reform Act. Just as importantly for those with minor children, the court will appoint the children’s guardian instead of you.

Everyone is well advised to have their will prepared by an experienced lawyer. We have experience drafting various simple and complex wills. We assist all of our clients in understanding the associated legal and formal requirements. We also keep an original copy of every will we prepare to give you an added piece of mind.