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As part of our commitment to offering cost certainty, we employ transparent, all-inclusive and task-based billing.  You can find prices for many of our legal services in a simple fee schedule below. All quoted legal fees include internal disbursements such as couriers, postage, photocopies, facsimiles and software transaction charges.

These prices apply for cases of average complexity and effort.  Matters can become significantly more complex than anticipated, and additional steps in a proceeding may arise.  This will naturally increase the cost of legal services provided.

Real estate transactions in excess of $1 million are subject to a fee premium.

Please be advised that all prices are subject to HST. Certain disbursements such as land transfer taxes, government registration fees, title searches and title insurance may be applicable on real estate transactions. 

Should you like to receive a detailed quote for legal fees and disbursements on your real estate transaction, please send an e-mail to

Residential Real Estate (standard)
Occupancy Closing
Title Transfer
Title Transfer + Refinance
Residential Real Estate (standard)
Sale (condominium)
Sale (house)
Survivorship Application
Draft Agreement
Review Private Agreement
Residential Real Estate (additional)
Estate Sale
Bridge Loan (purchase)
Mortgage (purchase)
2nd Mortgage (sale)
Private Mortgage Discharge

Legal services such as business purchases/sales, construction liens, wills, powers of attorney and probate applications vary in complexity, making it impractical to offer a standard fee amount. Nonetheless, we do offer a flat fee in such instances, which is determined based on the complexity of the matter and the time required to complete it.  The flat fee covers all of the time spent on a matter, as well as our internal office disbursements, but does not include external out-of-pocket disbursements.  If a matter takes more time and work than originally anticipated, we do not bill our clients anything above the flat fee that was agreed upon. We offer this arrangement to our clients in order to protect them from cost overruns and to help them decide if they want to proceed with a matter or not. Please contact us directly to obtain a quote!