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Duke Law Firm is a trusted and highly-regarded law firm based in Toronto’s west end.  We represent individuals and small businesses, and act for both national and international clients.  Our practice is dedicated to real estate, estate law and business law.

Duke Law Firm enjoys a great reputation among industry practitioners for its unique approach to providing legal services: task-based billing with no hidden fees and disbursements.  The legal fees are the same for everyone.  We employ this approach so that our clients can enjoy cost certainty.

Duke Law Firm was founded on the belief that the legal industry, just like any other industry, must strive to provide a high quality product while emphasizing efficiency and client service.  Billing services by the hour is at the foundation of most law firms.  Lack of expertise in client service is a trait shared by many lawyers.  Both of these characteristics perpetuate people’s negative impressions of lawyers.  Our goal is to shatter these perceptions, by being a modern law firm that is honest and transparent, but also sophisticated and proficient.

Duke Law Firm is led by Marko Djukic, a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, Marko graduated with distinction from the Schulich School of Business and worked in the financial services industry.  Marko has extensive experience in real estate, estates and business law.